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Annual General Meeting

  • Royal Scot Hotel 425 Quebec Street Victoria, BC, V8V 1W7 Canada (map)

In September of 2018, Vancouver Island Voices for Eating Disorders (VIVED) became an incorporated non-profit society in the province of British Columbia. As such, we are required to hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) 18 months from our date of incorporation. The purpose of such a meeting is to comply with legal requirements, such as the presentation and approval of the audited accounts, election of directors, and discussions of issues raised by members over the past term.

Essentially an AGM is the chance for us to review what we have done, ensure we are staying true to our vision, values, and missions, resolve any issues raised by members, as well as elect new board members who can continue the work of Vancouver Island Voices for Eating Disorders.

Board Member Roles and Duties

*required positions are necessitated under our bylaws and the B.C. Societies Act.

• Required role
• Duties - responsible for supervising and checking-in with other directors in execution of their duties; ensures organization stays in-line with its vision, values, and mission statements; will attend and facilitate monthly board meetings.

Vice President (VP)
• Required role
• Duties - responsible for carrying out duties of president when president is unable; may take on projects as a special officer; will attend and facilitate monthly board meetings should the President be unable to.

• Required role
• Duties - receiving & banking monies collected, co-sign bank activities, preparing Society’s financial statements, keeping accounting records, submitting reports as required to the Registrar of Businesses; will attend monthly board meetings.

• Required role
• Duties - responsible for issuing notice of general & director’s meetings, taking minutes, keeping records in accordance with the Act, conducting correspondence of the Board, filing annual report of the Society & making filings with registrar under the Act; will attend monthly board meetings, design agenda, and keep minutes for meetings.

*the following roles can be amended as the new board sees fit.

Membership Secretary
• Duties - will receive membership forms, ensure member has paid dues, co-signer on bank account, provide by e-mail to each approved member the member’s unique identifier number; will attend monthly board meetings.

Project Manager
• Duties - will keep in contact with all board members (including MALs) to support them in creating & implementing projects, create a form for director’s & special officers to submit a request for approval of a project to proceed; will attend monthly board meetings.

Communications Officer
• Duties - receives all media requests & ensures each is directed to appropriate director for response, reviews proposals for media outreach, receives & approves all media outreach; will attend monthly board meetings.

Director of Fundraising
• Duties - will work with all board members to support them in creating & pursuing fundraising opportunities; will attend monthly board meetings.

Director of Underserved Groups
• Duties - will oversee & accept requests to appoint special officers, will report activities undertaken by special officers; will attend monthly board meetings.

Members At Large
• Duties – will participate in board function; will seek out opportunities for projects and collaboration; will attend monthly meetings.

General Members

  • Have filled out and submitted a membership form (see our page for details or our website under the "Get Involved" link. Completed forms can be e-mailed to

  • May participate in whatever capacity they choose (in-person, through volunteering, online, etc.)

  • Are not required to be located on Vancouver Island; however, membership applications for those outside of Vancouver Island will be subject to closer review.

  • Are invited, but not required to attend monthly board meetings. Can vote at said meetings.

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