Vancouver Island Voices for Eating Disorders

A developing collection of voices (patients, families, and professionals) interested in eating disorder advocacy and awareness in our community and beyond.




Better awareness

Better access to improved services

Better lives



1. Non-judgment

2. Inclusivity

3. Respect

4. Safety

5. Awareness

What These Values Mean to Us

Non-judgment - we accept all persons with compassion, regardless of where they are at in their journey.

Inclusivity - we aim to foster a sense of belonging through acceptance and compassion. We aim to broaden the ideas that surround eating disorders. To be a voice for those whom stereotypes disadvantage. To work from a place of acknowledgment of the intersections in our society that leave some more disadvantaged than others.

Respect - our organization endeavors to embody a consistently respectful nature in all aspects of our business. We direct this respect not only towards ourselves and our work, but also towards the individuals, groups and environments with whom we interact.

Safety - we aim to create a safe space where people feel comfortable sharing and learning; where vulnerability is seen as a strength. Where there is no fear of further loss, hurt, or non-acceptance.

Awareness - we aim to create awareness that allows for education, promotes understanding, encourages curiosity, and creates room for compassion.



To improve access to treatment, treatment options, and outcomes.

To create partnerships between patients, families, and professionals.

To raise awareness about eating disorders and mental health.

To shift our cultural attitudes in a positive and healing direction .

To improve the lives of individuals and families living with eating disorders.