How You Can Help - Ways to Get Involved

At Vancouver Island Voices for Eating Disorders we are always looking for passionate people to join us in whatever capacity feels comfortable.

In recent months we've developed a membership form to begin officially capturing our community and our reach, on paper. Membership allows us to keep track of who is interested and involved, to create an e-mail list with which we can provide ongoing updates about our projects and ways to stay involved (for those who want to be updated), provides us some data which can be used to illustrate the reach of this group, allows registered members to attend monthly board meetings (if they so choose) to keep up with VIVED activities, and we can be used as a reference if you're looking to gather volunteer hours.

We want to make this as low barrier as possible so there is no cost or requirements beyond what you have time and interest in giving. We're always looking for volunteers so we do welcome donation of volunteer hours, but again that's not a requirement. It does not matter if you're not in Victoria or on Vancouver Island. Even for volunteering, there are online ways to help out.

The membership form is can be downloaded here. Once completed, it can be e-mailed to us at

Whether you just want to stay in contact, participate in events, and/or volunteer at times. Whether you are interested in becoming a board member and helping develop future activities. We welcome you to join us on this journey.

Together we can create positive change.

- A message from the Board of Directors