Pride Festival 2019 Reflections

What a day Victoria!

We are so grateful for such an amazing day at Pride Festival! It may have been damp but nothing dampened the spirit of everyone out celebrating themselves for who they are!

Thank you to our volunteers for all your hard work. Thank you to everyone who came by our booth and chatted. Thank you to Victoria’s Pride Society for allowing us to be a part of this beautiful event!

We chose the name VIVED because we believe in living a full and vibrant life. We believe in people celebrating themselves as they are. We believe in the lightness of hope over the darkness of struggle. We believe in the shades between black and white extremes of thinking. We believe in diversity, a full rainbow 🌈 Today it felt like we were all living these ideals (even under the grey of rain clouds.)

-S. Ritchey

Shaely RitcheyComment